Crossing the barriers of Time

Baroda based artist Heeral Trivedi’s works are autobiographical in nature, yet one cannot dismiss them as being simply linear in movement to her life. The concept of an ‘autobiographical account’ also brings into play the thought process of the artist and this is what Heeral emphasises on in her works. Deeply versatile, and with a steady connection to her roots, this artist brings to the canvas a picture of variance and vivacity of a possibly lived experience. Heeral has BFA and MFA from M S University, Baroda and her works have been in collections in India and abroad.


Heeral has a penchant for narration and in her works, there is a steady strong narrative which not only echoes her own life and some instances from it, but it also resonates with millions of lives of women in the world. Growth, work, motherhood, marriage and many other such’ events’ find mention in Heeral’s works in the most metaphorical and allegorical of ways. The translations of the surrounding and the inner realms is brought to a precipice of almost mirroring and one can feel the possibilities emerge from thereon. One has to consider that such expressions of the self can never be singular and closed, in fact they open themselves up to multitude of interpretations. These interpretations become of a transient nature, and span realms of reality and fantasy, past and future, history and mythology, reality and imagination. That is what the artist brings into her works by the use of simple motifs and deep connections within themselves and the significance is evident when one deciphers the codes she has implanted within the obviously simple motifs. An altered reality manifests while it stands juxtaposed to the reality of the time, jointly looking at the past and the future, and this is the quality of Heeral’s work – to dissolve these barriers of time itself.


Heeral Trivedi lives and works in Baroda.


About the Author:

A marine biologist by training, Sushma Sabnis has been pursuing her interest in painting and writing since she left her career as a scientist over a decade ago. With a few solo and group exhibitions to her credit in Mumbai and Delhi, Sushma has also been instrumental in bringing young contemporaries together for a series of curated exhibitions called Adwaita, a platform for arts created by her.  In 2012, she launched herself into full time art writing and her essays and features have appeared in noted art journals including Art & Deal and Creative Minds, Arts Illustrated. She has been a contributing editor to the online magazine CartAnArt. She also manages The Art Daily and Art Tehelka, two online platforms for art writing and her reviews on art shows, art festivals have appeared in leading news papers. She has written several catalogue essays, descriptions and forewords for noted artists and painters and also introduced through profile writings, many of the young Indian contemporary artists.