The Rainbow Landscape

Kolkata based artist and art educator Goutam Pramanick, has graduated with BVA and MVA from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. Goutam’s works  delve into the various aspects of nature and an intense engagement of the forms and shapes which emerge and merge with each other. In his earlier works, Goutam chose the simplistic renditions of an inspiring muse such as the Nature, and landscapes which he created from these inspirations were bright, and vibrantly coloured. The palettes of these works are intense, almost reminiscent of a Fauvist palette where the colours were more exaggerated than natural and the strokes become more violent and visible on purpose. These elements make the work more direct and aim to impact the viewer in ways that a direct confrontational work does.

Goutam’s works also seem to create motifs from folk and tribal art traditions which crop up on the pictorial surfaces without warning yet blending quietly into the image. This could be seen as a need of the artist to preserve and give apt tribute to the folk and tribal art traditions of the country and the indigenous influences on the artist. His rainbow landscapes from his earlier works and his foray into figurative or religious motifs in the recent times often depict the subtle associations and concerns of the artist as he progresses in the world and fights for his relevance tooth and nail. The agitation and exaltation is all kept embedded within his vibrant works and often only a glimpse is decipherable from within the image itself. In trying to see through the dullness of normal living, and an existential angst, Goutam creates beautiful rainbow landscapes which are impressions of his inner realms and their turmoils and triumphs. The rainbow shines through as a distinct blend of the negatives and positives lifts the clouds of doubt from the works of the artist.

Goutam Pramanick lives and works in Kolkata.

– By Sushma Sabnis


About the Author:

A marine biologist by training, Sushma Sabnis has been pursuing her interest in painting and writing since she left her career as a scientist over a decade ago. With a few solo and group exhibitions to her credit in Mumbai and Delhi, Sushma has also been instrumental in bringing young contemporaries together for a series of curated exhibitions called Adwaita, a platform for arts created by her.  In 2012, she launched herself into full time art writing and her essays and features have appeared in noted art journals including Art & Deal and Creative Minds, Arts Illustrated. She has been a contributing editor to the online magazine CartAnArt. She also manages The Art Daily and Art Tehelka, two online platforms for art writing and her reviews on art shows, art festivals have appeared in leading news papers. She has written several catalogue essays, descriptions and forewords for noted artists and painters and also introduced through profile writings, many of the young Indian contemporary artists.