The Seed of Thought

Artist Saroj Singh is Baroda based and has a BFA (2001) from Benaras Hindu University and an MFA (2003) in Creative Sculpture from MS University, Baroda.

In the sculptures of Saroj, one sees the deep-set influences and impacts of Benaras on the artist’s mind and is evident in the medium he chooses to work with. Vessels which are usually seen in temples and within religious ceremonies, become an effortless part of his lexicon. He re-contextualises them, giving them sprouting / germinating forms, to depict a longing for life.

The brass, copper and metals could be seen as the ‘seed-bed’ of his eco-organic forms. He builds up the work with the message of preservation and cultivation of purposeful existences just like seeds of a plant which are formed with a specific purpose, ensuring the continuity of life itself. Saroj often takes from Nature’s bounty the inspiration she openly offers and converts it into his own understanding of it. Metals, an element extracted from the belly of the earth, wood was taken from the trees which adorn the earth and the fertile imagination of Saroj together create a blend of elements which is not just organic to touch but also the ideas which exude from them seem to take root within the viewer’s minds.

Saroj Singh lives and works in Baroda.

– By Sushma Sabnis


About the Author:

A marine biologist by training, Sushma Sabnis has been pursuing her interest in painting and writing since she left her career as a scientist over a decade ago. With a few solo and group exhibitions to her credit in Mumbai and Delhi, Sushma has also been instrumental in bringing young contemporaries together for a series of curated exhibitions called Adwaita, a platform for arts created by her.  In 2012, she launched herself into full time art writing and her essays and features have appeared in noted art journals including Art & Deal and Creative Minds, Arts Illustrated. She has been a contributing editor to the online magazine CartAnArt. She also manages The Art Daily and Art Tehelka, two online platforms for art writing and her reviews on art shows, art festivals have appeared in leading news papers. She has written several catalogue essays, descriptions and forewords for noted artists and painters and also introduced through profile writings, many of the young Indian contemporary artists.